2022 Women’s Day Celebration



March 6th 2022

Thank you NIHAA and its Team all for your support in making this Women’s Day celebration special in many ways.

NIHAA provided us with this platform, where women and men came together as ONE, it was a day of celebrating each other with incredible spirit, love, and warmth, where women can go for support to learn and grow with each other, renew their energies, and relax. So, what better way to kickstart this vision by celebrating – Women’s Day and as we know only “Empowered women can Empower Women!!”

We need women who are so strong, so educated that they can be humble, so fierce that they can be compassionate, so passionate that they can be rational, and so disciplined that they can be free. The world needs strong women. Women who will lift and build others, who will love and be loved, women who live bravely, both tender and fierce, women of indomitable will.

The celebration started on a welcome note, followed by Games and Trivia questions to keep us all entertained. Ladies and men participated in the program with great zeal and enthusiasm. Speech by NIHAA President – Suneet Kumar was delivered followed by Musical chair game which was enjoyed by one and all and winners for the Game and Musical chair were handed over with their Gifts. It was an afternoon filled with fun, excitement, and all good things together. Its always said that for women, shopping is a sport and organizing committee kept this in mind, welcoming Vendors for Indian clothing, and jewelry to showcase their items and their items were sold like hot cake. NIHAA also helped these vendors in advertising their products. To keep the energy high through out the events, snack boxes and Tea was served in between. Dance performance by ladies and Fashion Show were the main highlight of the event.

As a woman, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a leader, this is an important day and time to acknowledge and celebrate the strength and resiliency women have shown during this pandemic. We hope that times like this makes us remember that during these unprecedented times of human crisis, we have no blueprint to help us navigate. But we do have each other.

So, we all came together, to celebrate strength, courage, love, empathy, kindness, that we have it in us as Women. It was an evening combined with #DJ-Music and #funactivities to bring us some cheers, to calm our mind and to establish connect as one community.

Magic happens, when women come together and NIHAA took this initiative to provide us with a common platform to celebrate International Women’s Day. A BIG Shout out to NIHAA BOD ladies for planning and executing this event and NIHAA BOD Team for supporting and hand holding when ever needed. We created memories together and it was such an impactful event that has carved a niche for itself in heart and mind of men\women alike who attended it.

Thank You as always for your never-ending support and providing us platform to grow together as ONE community.


Pallavi Siddharth Singh

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