2019-State of NIHAA Message

Dear NIHAA Community,
A great beginning and an eventful first year for NIHAA!
NIHAA as an organization was conceived as an idea during Holi Pooja celebration (March 3rd, 2018) to form an association for North Indian Hindus to celebrate festivals in a manner reminiscent of festivities and culture, that we grew up with.
We also thought we need to pass on our emotional links with India to our next generation, many of whom will be missing the bonds with our people, our culture, our foods, our music, our festivals, our concept of life and our understanding of our connection with God.
While we are blessed by Parmatama with the bounty of plenty in our life, we also want to “Give Back” to our Karma Bhoomi and our Janma Bhoomi.
With all these thoughts, NIHAA was formed with 15 founding members. Through the efforts of these founding members, NIHAA constitution was debated and formalized and was incorporated and received the 501(c) 3 Tax exempt status.
The news of its formation spread like fire among the North Indian Hindus and their friends as if the community had been waiting to find its representation and to take an initiative to form this organization, , resulting in over 50 people becoming paid NIHAA members within a short span of time. NIHAA Board members with their utmost energy and community giveback feeling and enthusiasm are eager to organize so many events; that it feels like the whole calendar is one continuous NIHAA activity. All the activities organized in the first year have been so popular, that it had been necessary to request few to wait for the next event.
Here are some glimpses of 2019 activities:
Giving Back to the Community:
Hindu Temple Society:
Cleaned Albany Shaker Road between Osborne Road & Everett Road on September 21,  2019.
Visit http://nihaa.us/adopt-a-highway-hindu-temple-society-albany-shaker-road/
NIHAA team did the recital of Ramayana from midnight till 6.00am on the occasion of  Akhand Ramayana in the HTS and they have organized several religious & community events at the HTS.
YMCA Camp in Saratoga.
Helped YMCA camp in Saratoga to make it functional for summer activities after it was closed during winter. Two days of Fun Filled Family Activity with overnight stay in the camp with a satisfaction of participating in helping to our Non Indian neighbors.
  Visit: http://nihaa.us/shram-dann-diwas-volunteer-service-weekend-with-nihaa-at-camp-chingachgook/


Blood Donation Drive: Promoted American Red Cross Blood Donation Drive among our
community members.
 Bharat, “Mera Desh Mahaan”
NIHAA was contacted by Ekal Vidyalay (an NGO enabling education to children in remote villages in India with little or no access to Teachers) to help them in their mission. NIHAA will be hosting a Fund Raiser (June 13, 2020) to offer opportunities to Capital District residents to participate in their inspiring mission and Ekal Vidyalaya will organize a cultural program for this event. For more information contact Akhilesh Gupta of NIHAA.
Passing on the Heritage:
NIHAA organized North Indian Festivals: Holi March 16, 2019 and Diwali October 19,
2019. Both were so well organized that, there is an ever-increasing demand from the community to participate in this cultural program. NIHAA will strive to enable all to participate in these festivals. Both events were attended by over 150 persons! The events feature religious
ceremonies and fun-filled activities appropriate for the festival.
Passing on Values to the next generation:
Apart from teaching our children by direct example such as participation in helping Hindu Temple maintain its surroundings, participating in shramdaan at YMCA camp etc NIHAA has also initiated:
Hindi classes: Guided by NIHAA volunteers
Winter Tennis Camp: Guided by NIHAA volunteers
Help in College Entrance Activities: Guided by NIHAA volunteers 
Just Relaxation – Family feeling:
NIHAA organized picnics have become very popular among all the community members to know each other in an informal setting. The kids come to know other kids; new immigrants find a place to know each other and help and develop community sense and extending support for each other.
Over the year 2019, community support has helped us coordinate, multiple grand celebrations (Annual Holi, Diwali and Picnic), volunteer activities (Road Cleaning around Hindu Temple, Cleaning at YMCA summer camp) and programs (Hindi and Tennis classes).
In the New Year 2020, we will be working hard to bring our community further together by adding more events (like Ekal Vidyalaya Charity Fund Raiser in June 2020) and classes (like Math, Computer and Leadership for Teens Classes). Please stay tuned for more updates.

We hope that you will continue to be part of NIHAA family and make your valuable contribution.

Be a part of this movement: Become NIHAA members – We are “One Kutumbh” Please visit: http://nihaa.us/membership/
We hope that you will continue to be part of NIHAA Family and make active contribution in cash or kind.
Jai Shri Ram, Har Har Mahadev, Hari Om!!!!!!!
Amritesh Singh
President-NIHAA Team
NIHAA brings Spirituality and Fun-Filled activities to Life.