NIHAA lock down Notes

It has been tough times for entire world and human race.We are fighting to restore normalcy of our day to day routine. But with those glorious sunrises bringing promises of a new day, the magnificent sunsets bringing hope for tomorrow, the mighty waves of an ocean telling you that all that rise shall definitely fall...we live everyday with hope and universal prayer for the world.

We understand that the change in routine and the schools being closed has its own share of challenges. We all have our share of days, when we oscillate from being all motivated and full of ideas to completely deflated and frustrated. So, What keeps me going and How should be help each other in this crisis as community?Hence, we as NIHAA are trying our best to be with you all "Virtually" - and to keep us all motivated and inspired to stride, when its tough,  NIHAA brings to you some of Online activities that you can engage in with your family in this time, when mental and physical well being should be our goal.
NIHAA brings to you the following Online "Virtual" session conducted by NIHAA Volunteer members and we encourage you to be participate and engage together : 

1. Hindi Classes every Saturday
2. Tennis Classes every Sunday for Kids
3. Zumba Classes every Saturday for family.In times of crisis, human beings like to come together to share experiences, show solidarity and help each other.
It is exactly during such crises that we need social support the most. Togetherness can protect us against the negative impact that these events can have on our mental health.Likewise, such a journey of reflectivity may have a great transformative impact. And most probably, we need this capacity for change, as the world will not be the same as before, after the passing of the coronavirus.

So, lets fight this together, support each other and be there for each other as Community.
We are in this together and We shall overcome this phase.

Stay Positive !

By :
Pallavi Siddharth Singh