2020 State of NIHAA Message

Dear NIHAA Community,
This was a challenging year with our lives and activities affected adversely in this unprecedented time. Like everything else, NIHAA activities were also affected. However, with your ardent support we were able to sail through this rather uneventful year with quite a few achievements under our belt. Putting our best foot forward, we coordinated multiple donation events and volunteer services.

We would like to close this unusual year on a brighter note with details of activities that were done by your NIHAA, even after a lot of constraints. At high level:

1. Donations for the COVID 19: The NIHAA community, with the support of its patrons, responded appropriately by diverting the fund for our Holi 2020 celebrations towards COVID. $1200/- were contributed to Life Path Albany NY for supporting our local region and $1530/- were donated to India PM Care Relief Fund. See details at the link below: https://nihaa.us/nihaa-covid-response-funds-update/

2. Volunteer Work for COVID 19: NIHAA partnered with SEWA International as part of its active COVID response. Two students situated in the west coast area were helped with their immediate needs. We also responded to a resident in the Schenectady area who was in transit between US and India, because of a personal situation. NIHAA volunteers were able to help the impacted individual with desired logistics, foods and other help as needed.

3. Covid Warriors Facilitation : All of us at NIHAA are deeply grateful to all the healthcare workers\front line workers from bottom of our heart who are working tirelessly to help keep our communities safe. As the NIHAA team, we paid our gratitude by visiting our Covid Warriors in a motorcade, maintaining social distance, to say our “Thank you!”. We as the NIHAA family stand with our doctors, nurses, support staff and first responders in testing times like this. See details at the link below: https://nihaa.us/a-thank-you-note-from-nihaa-for-our-frontline-heroes/

4. Helping Community Members during BLM Unrest : An unfortunate event happened in Albany downtown area, where shops owned by one of our NIHAA community member were ransacked and destroyed. They needed help in clearing up the supplies and protection of the store. Not to mention, this was the peak of COVID when people were skeptical to move out of homes. However our volunteers turned in quickly and helped in, transporting materials to safeguard the rest of the goods and providing other support that the owners needed in their ordeals with the matter.

5. Donation to Ekal foundation : The NIHAA Team mobilized the rest of NIHAA community , who in turn reached to the larger Indian community in the Capital District Region for donation towards a noble cause that Ekal stands for - Making education accessible to remote villages. As an organization, we believe in giving back to our community and donating towards such noble causes fuels our mission. The contribution of $3733 was enough to fund running of 10 ekal schools for a year. Donation for 9 schools was covered from direct donations, as collected by this specific event. Cost of 1 school was covered by NIHAA i.e. through your NIHAA membership. See details at the link below: https://nihaa.us/nihaa-ekal-donation-drive-update/

6. Zumba Class : Online Zumba class started keeping in mind, mental and physical health of our NIHAA team members, focusing towards complete wellness. This class was an instant hit and attracted many folks who came together, rocked together and had fun together during lockdown. Dancing off worries, taking care of self to be fit and healthy is what one looks forward to and Zumba class conducted leveraged that feeling amongst our members. We had around 15 regular enrollments when started. The class was well attended with original enrollees and their friends as we continued.

7. Tennis Class : What better way to engage Kids than sport. Tennis Classes helped Kids in engaging them with Tennis lessons, which will go a long way, as they learned tips and ground rules that will help them in polishing their skills and bring discipline. Parents were highly satisfied with tennis classes as instructors gave them more personal attention, tips to improve their game. The class has around 10 enrollments.

8. Hindi Class : Our innate desire to connect to our language and culture is core of our existence. NIHAA is helping in this cause by running a HINDI class for all who are interested. This class is free of cost and is available to non-NIHAA members also. NIHAA Hindi Class has been running for more than a year now. It had around 35 enrollments when we started with around 20 to 25 regular attendees, even during remote sessions.

9. Diwali Drawing Event: We were not able to celebrate the auspicious Diwali due to COVID-19. However, our NIHAA kids showed the festival spirit by actively participating in the Diwali Drawing Event 2020. Participation certificate and rewards were mailed to each participant. Check out the great talent that exists yourself at the link below. See details at the link below :https://nihaa.us/2020-diwali-drawing-event-pictures/

10. NIHAA Graduates Recognition : We, as the NIHAA Team, recognized 2020 high school and College graduates for their accomplishment. NIHAA website published and dedicated their web page for graduates to recognize what they are doing and what college they have selected to pursue their dreams. See details at the link below: https://nihaa.us/congratulations-to-graduates-and-2020-achievers/

Jai Shri Ram, Har Har Mahadev, Hari Om!!!!!!!
Amritesh Singh
President-NIHAA Team
NIHAA brings Spirituality and Fun-Filled activities to Life.