NIHAA EKAL Donation Drive Update


Dear NIHAA members,

A quick flash backā€¦ if you all remember we had a donation drive for EKAL. NIHAA and EKAL collaborated for this holistic event, as we both work on the same principles of giving back to society.

We are truly blessed to have generous members in our NIHAA family who do not miss out on such an opportunity. The collected amount ($3733.76) is good enough to support 10 schools for a year. This will help in uplifting our birth land by sowing the seeds of literacy in the remote villages of India.

A list of contributors is attached here.

A Big THANK YOU!! to all those who donated for this cause. Your generosity is the fuel that drives this mission and keeps it alive.


Following is the list of members who donated for the cause:

  1. Abhinav Srivastava
  2. Akhilesh Gupta
  3. Amit Shah
  4. Amritesh Singh
  5. Anil Bisht
  6. Anonymous 1
  7. Anonymous 2
  8. Anonymous 3
  9. Arvind Tiwari
  10. Ashish Jain
  11. Ashish Misra
  12. Ashok Baghel
  13. D.S. Chouhan
  14. Eyre Writing Center
  15. Guryam Singh
  16. HareRam Prasad
  17. Jagdish Solanki
  18. Kapil Dhawan
  19. Manoj Jain
  20. Manoj Singh
  21. Mihir Vasavada
  22. Navin Srivastava
  23. Nitin Sharma
  24. Om Roy
  25. Promod Yadav
  26. Rajesh Ahuja
  27. Rajesh Parihar
  28. Rajesh Singh
  29. Rajesh Sinha
  30. Rajnish Goyal
  31. Rishikesh Yadav
  32. Rohan Singh
  33. Salil Gupta
  34. Salil Sharma
  35. Sanjay Garg
  36. Shailesh Yadav
  37. Shelendra Gupta
  38. Siddharth Pandey
  39. Sunny Kumar
  40. Suresh Bhate
  41. Varun Mishra Mishra
  42. Yogesh Gupta