2023 Diwali Celebration

Nov 3rd  2023.

NIHAA Diwali Celebration 2023: A Celebration of light, hope, happiness, and gratitude!

NIHAA organized Diwali – Festival of Light with par excellence commitments and pulled together an
event that will remain engrained in communities’ heart and mind forever. Every year, NIHAA organizes
Diwali celebrations with much fanfare and aplenty.

Diwali is the season of spreading joy, making it the ideal time to bank some goodwill and NIHAA as an
organization with an amazing and enthusiastic set of BOD Team members and volunteers brought
together this festival of light, bright and beautiful.

NIHAA president speech was reflection of the organization vision and mission for it to work in the right direction and appreciation for NIHAA BOD Team members for working relentlessly to bring the event together. NIHAA BOD Ladies extended their
unparallel support and brought the culture activities together that enthralled kids and adults alike. An
array of programs was initiated by presenting “Jhanki” of Ram Ji, Sita Ji and Laxman Ji avatars that kids
adorned and the performances from Kids were stellar shows. It was a proud moment for Parents and
everyone around there to witness a whole spectrum of dance performances, poem recitals that was an
amalgamation of our culture and entertainment.


Ladies impromptu dance performance on the song “Stand By Me” truly captured the community feeling. Food, Music, Dj and everyone’s involvement was truly an indication of love and warmth which we share as community.

Diwali is a festival of hope for finding life and happiness amidst the darkness. A festival celebrating the
triumph of good over evil, hope over despair and of light over darkness and NIHAA once again did the
execution effortlessly but with lots of hard work in bringing this event together.

NIHAA brought together and imbibed in us true essence of the festival which lies in the simple
philosophies of progress and prosperity, unity and togetherness and new beginnings. Especially this
year, the essence of Diwali is about having gratitude to have passed the pandemic so far and having the
opportunity to celebrate with our families. It is about bringing positive energy into our lives for a better
tomorrow. Thank you NIHAA once again, for making us Celebrate with community.

May this festival of lights bring you peace, prosperity, success, health, and great happiness!

Pallavi Siddharth Singh

NIHAA 2023 Diwali Event Photos --> https://photos.app.goo.gl/5wYjem9qQcd69L2k6