2023 NIHAA Holi Milan

March 11th 2023.

Yet another year, yet another community event with equal aplomb and spirit, marked the onset of Spring with celebration of colors by NIHAA Team !!

What a great and colorful event it was with community coming together and making this Holi Event a BIG success. As the winter breeze slowly begin to dissipate and the cool temperatures start to rise, it’s time you start preparing for the spring season and with festival of colors HOLI, everyone wishes to get drenched in spirit of belonging to their community and make them feel closer to their heritage and each other. Holi reminds everyone that the whole world is colorful.

These colors are present in everyone in the form of feelings & emotions and therefore these colors are linked with diverse virtues, aspects, and emotions. Vivacity & happiness are associated with yellow, sacrifice with saffron. Pink is the color of affection, compassion, and care, peace is linked with white, and vastness with blue. All these colors on Holi reflects that life is a beautiful celebration.

Add colors to life ! NIHAA Celebrated Holi and with great team effort and planning and they added another community event celebration under their belt. It was great pleasure to see new members added to the group as it gives immense satisfaction and validates the feeling that the Team is working and navigating in the right direction of community building and service that encapsulates NIHAA Vision and mission of its formation.

We are growing and we are building the team stronger. The event started on a Thank You Note from NIHAA President, and NIHAA BOD members worked relentlessly to pull together an event that has imprinted itself in the hearts and mind of people who overwhelmingly supported the event with their presence. It was an evening with great dance performances, melodious singing, DJ with great music and delicious food, snacks and drinks.

We all understand that Holi festival holds immense religious significance in our culture and Thank you NIHAA Team for bringing in vivid colors of love and warmth by organizing these events to celebrate it together. We are tied together by our strong desire to celebrate our cultural roots. NIHAA Team worked with great zeal and energy to create avenues for families to feel a sense of belonging to their community and make them feel closer to their heritage and each other and what better way to celebrate than festival of colors - HOLI !!

Thank you NIHAA Team for providing us with a platform to come together and drench ourselves in the spirit of togetherness as community. Keep doing great work and thank you for making us part of the festival !!

By, Pallavi Siddharth Singh